knee orthobiologics

Ask the expert about Orthobiologics: The healing power of our own bodies

Orthobiologics is a tongue twister, but the science behind regenerative medicine seems so simple. By taking our own healthy cells, extracting the growth factors, platelets or stem cells and then using those cells to heal our chronic pain, doctors are reducing the need for harmful therapies like steroids exponentially. “Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can stimulate stem […]


Honoring the memory of Marks Fund cofounder, Selma Marks 

Selma Marks was an accomplished attorney and community advocate who cofounded the Marks Fund – an endowment to assist TMC employees experiencing financial hardship. She passed away on May 1, 2018. Selma made the most of her 94 years, trailblazing new paths for women and families while contributing to the Tucson community she loved. Her […]

LaJeana Hall practices pilates with classmates

Persistence, weight loss surgery fuels weight loss transformation

LaJeana Hall never looked into her future and saw “fitness instructor” as a skill she would attain. “I was so heavy before, it wasn’t something that I thought I’d ever try,” said Hall, the owner of a tax and accounting business. But that was 75 pounds ago. After years of weight struggles, Hall in July […]

breastfeeding baby carlo-navarro

Struggling with breastfeeding? We have help

Breastfeeding at its best is inexpensive, easy and provides a whole host of health benefits for both mother and child. But you would not be alone if at first you struggle with breastfeeding. A trained lactation consultant, typically certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners, can provide the insights needed to get over the stumbling […]

healthy school lunches- image by Flickr user @buzzymelibee

Back to school – Is your child’s school lunch box safe?

How do you keep your child’s packed school lunch delicious, nutritious and safe? We asked Brittany Robertson, TMC pediatric dietitian for some suggestions to liven up your child’s back to school lunches: 1. Keep it cool Use an insulated lunch box with ice packs to expand food options while still providing a safe lunch. While […]

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