Click for control of opioids

The Arizona Opioid Epidemic Act signed by Governor Ducey in 2018 mandates that prescription orders for a Schedule II opioid must be transmitted electronically to the dispensing pharmacy. Examples of Schedule II narcotics include: morphine, oxycodone, codeine, methadone, and hydrocodone.

Rooming in

Why we promote rooming-in

The physiological and emotional benefits of mom and baby ‘rooming-in’ are apparent. Why we promote rooming-in

Heart of Hospice has the gift of appreciation

During the semiannual Celebrations of Life recognizing those who passed under the care of TMC Hospice, each family is given a specially handmade comfort charm.  These keepsakes for grieving families offer a reminder that their loved ones were cared for with dignity and respect.  Credit for the comfort charm initiative goes to Mary Kay LeFevour, […]

A spoonful of honey – treating children’s coughs

‘Tis the season, coughs and snotty noses abound. A nasty cold or cough is uncomfortable for all, but for infants and very young children, unable to express themselves or understand what is happening, it can be particularly difficult. Before you go out and get an over-the-counter medication to soothe your child’s throat be aware of […]

Rhonda teaching Zumba at Beyond

Going above and beyond – Mission Moment

We all have that person in our office – that positive, first to volunteer, always going above and beyond, trying to make the day brighter for everyone, person – like Rhonda Bodfield, the director of Communications at TMC. Bodfield is respected by her coworkers for her professionalism, strong work ethic and pleasant demeanor – no […]

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