skunk rabies

Protecting your family against rabies

Rabies reports have been in the news lately. Tucson has had at least one confirmed case and one suspected case in the last month alone. Additionally, the recent death from rabies of a 6-year old Florida boy is a warning call for us all. Rabies is something as parents with curious and inquisitive children we […]

Why children with diabetes need a pediatric endocrinologist

Let’s face it: children are physically, cognitively and emotionally strikingly different from adults. When children have diabetes these differences affect how they communicate and understand symptoms and treatment of the disease. The pediatric endocrinology team at TMCOne is comprised of specialist providers and educators who support our pediatric patients and their families with developmentally appropriate […]

Flu season procedures in effect to protect patients, visitors, staff

With Arizona currently experiencing a nearly 800 percent increase in flu cases over last year, Tucson Medical Center has implemented new visitation procedures to reduce the spread of the flu and better protect patients, families and staff. Children can be highly susceptible to flu and those under the age of 13 may not enter patient […]

TMC receives recognition as top 100 hospitals, health systems with great neurosurgery and spine programs

Tucson Medical Center was pleased to be named to Becker’s Healthcare’s 2017 list of “100 hospitals and health systems with great neurosurgery and spine programs.” The list of organizations reflects those with extensive neuroscience and spine programs and that provide treatment and cutting edge research into neurosurgical disorders. The editorial team examined national and regional […]

when to come to the ed with flu and when to stay away

You’ve got the flu: Is the Emergency Department for you?

The flu outbreak across the state is hitting much earlier – and far harder – than expected.* If you’ve come down with influenza, how do you know when you should see your primary care provider or if you should go to the emergency room? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a flu […]

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