TMC leaders at national forum for quality improvement

Tucson Medical Center has a contingent of 10 leaders, from physicians to trustees to clinical staff members, taking part in a national discussion over two days on quality … READ MORE


New artwork the centerpiece of Terpning Courtyard

A majestic  eagle sculpture was donated to be the centerpiece of the new Terpning Courtyard. The artwork named “Above it All” was created by famed sculptor Sandy Scott, and is … READ MORE


Dr. Lincoln returns as medical director for TMC Hospice

Last month, TMC Hospice announced the return of Larry Lincoln, M.D., as the full-time medical director for TMC Hospice. Dr. Lincoln is board-certified in internal medicine, infectious diseases and hospice/palliative care. With the exception of a short retirement in 2015-16, he has been the TMC Hospice medical director since its inception in … READ MORE


AZPM’s ‘Feeding our Future’ features TMC director of Food Services

Beth Dorsey, TMC's director of Food & Nutrition Services, is featured in Farmers and Market, the final segment of the nine-part Arizona Public Media series, Feeding Our Future. The hospital buys about 300 pounds of fresh produce a month through the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona's Farm-to-Institution food brokerage business. The … READ MORE

Creative Art Crop

What happens when your inner artist meets your inner philanthropist? The May 24 Creative You Art Party!

Help lift the spirits of patients while enjoying a free evening of creativity, wine and fun. As a hospital participating in the Bens’ Bells Kind Colleagues program, staff members at Tucson Medical Center know the power of random acts of kindness. And as a hospital with a Healing Art Program, we also know the potential of art to encourage and … READ MORE

colon cancer awareness ribbom

New non-invasive colon cancer screen hits the market; is it better than a colonoscopy?

A new home-based screening test for colon cancer has recently hit the scenes. Cologuard or stool DNA testing was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration this past August and is covered by Medicare. The test looks for cancer-related DNA and red blood cells in a person’s stool. On the one hand, it doesn’t require the unpleasant … READ MORE


TMC leaders at national forum for quality improvement

Tucson Medical Center has a contingent of 10 leaders, from physicians to trustees to clinical staff members, taking part in a national discussion over two days on quality improvement. This is the 28th year that the Institute for Healthcare Improvement has sponsored an annual conference devoted to health care quality. More than 6,000 health care … READ MORE

RSS TMC for Children

  • Missy begs to go to work – Pet therapy dog
    “Wanna go to work?” is all Frank Arciuolo has to say and Missy is ready to go! Missy, a three-year old shepherd mix, is a therapist, or rather a pet therapy dog. She brings joy, smiles, increased oxytocin levels, lowered blood pressure, and healing therapy to the patients at TMC for Children. We talked with Missy and Frank to get… The post Missy begs to go t […]
  • Taking on Type 1 Diabetes – Brody’s story
    At TMC we treat children that are newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes or who are dealing with complications. When a child or teenager is diagnosed with diabetes, the entire family faces many challenges. The interdisciplinary Diabetes Team provides individualized care and attention and includes pediatric endocrinologists, diabetes educators, intensivists, ho […]

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  • Stopping prediabetes in its tracks – Mary’s Promise
    Hello Readers, Last month was National Diabetes Awareness month and we’re coming up on almost two years ago I was diagnosed as being prediabetic. I thought it was about time for a little update on my battle to prevent falling victim to diabetes. What is prediabetes? Prediabetes is when your blood sugar level is higher than […] The post Stopping prediabetes i […]
    Mary Kmak
  • Play it safe! 7 tips for exercising when it’s dark
    After what seemed like an eternity of temperatures over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, cooler weather is finally here in Arizona. That’s good news for everyone who wants to get outside to be active. Unfortunately, this time of year also brings shorter days, so you may find that your only chance to exercise is before sunrise or after […] The post Play it safe! 7 tips […]
    Tucson Medical Center

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  • Lessons learned: Smoothing the transition to a new discipline
    When Beth Ratcliff transitioned from the Cardiac unit, where she had cared for very complex adult patients for 10 years, to managing the Pediatric Emergency Department, she admits to being a little nervous. “I was definitely out of my comfort zone and a little intimidated. Give me a chest pain or post-cardiac cath patient any […] The post Lessons learned: Sm […]
    Beyond the Bedside RN
  • Teamwork and family make the difference for post-critical care nurse
    There were many great aspects that initially drew Joey Rodriguez to a position at Tucson Medical Center, but a first-hand experience was his deciding factor. “Our family had an incredible experience at TMC when our daughter was born earlier this year,” said Rodriguez. After 13 years of nursing experience, he decided TMC was the best […] The post Teamwork and […]
    Beyond the Bedside RN

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