Pedestrian Alert: Take steps to detour around construction

Construction projects on the west end of the hospital will continue to affect traffic for months to come – and this includes pedestrian traffic, as well as vehicular.

For everyone’s safety, pedestrians must not walk through construction areas or use the streets as walkways. To safely navigate around the west campus construction, employees can follow the recommended path across the loop road just north of the Moqui Building, which will link the area near the Square & Compass clinics to Lifegain Park and the sidewalks that connect to other hospital areas – as shown in the map below.

Pedestrians should particularly avoid the stretch between the Erickson Building and the Warehouse, where the new parking garage and new hospital wing will soon rise. (Remember that traffic on that stretch is restricted to one lane, alternating north and south, until approximately Aug. 19.)

Also, note that additional road work will begin later this summer and this fall on the northern leg of the loop road, near the Alamo Building and the CCRS / Square & Compass building.  Watch for more advisories for vehicles and pedestrians in the coming weeks.

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