Amazing love – in memory of Isaiah Jordan Banks

This morning, walking into work, child-life specialist Jolene Eggert, took a photo of a balloon tied to a cactus that was planted and dedicated last month in memory of Isaiah Jordan Banks who was only 9 years old. Her thought was “Amazing love happens at TMC.”

Here’s part of Isaiah’s and his family’s story:

William Banks came to consider TMC for Children a home away from home – for his son, Isaiah, and for his whole family.

“Everyone on the staff has been like an extension of our family,” the father said. Isaiah Banks spent major parts of his 9 years in hospital beds, both at TMC and elsewhere. Isaiah’s first surgery took before he was born – an in-utero procedure designed to treat his spina bifida.

Many other surgeries and treatments followed as Isaiah and his family had to deal with his challenging medical condition.

“We’ve been to hospitals all around the country, including some major medical centers, and TMC is top of the line, all the way,” said the father of five. “The staff takes care of the whole family, while of course focusing on what the patient needs.”

This summer, the family made the decision to place Isaiah under the care of TMC Hospice, which has a pediatric program geared to the unique needs of children and their families. Isaiah passed away July 20.

His family held a celebration of his life at the TMC Marshall Conference Center, with food, music and a lot of love. His memory continues as a cactus was planted in his honor in front of the entry to TMC for Children. This week, someone place a red-heart balloon next to it.

Visit the TMC for Children blog to learn more about Isaiah and child life specialists, or learn more about Isaiah on the family’s Facebook page.


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