Kid Friendly Imaging!

TMC’s Imaging Services makes sure that kids have a little bit of fun when they need imaging services in the hospital. From a mobile X-Ray machine that takes the form of a fire truck to a specialized pediatric fluoroscopy unit. The Imaging staff does what it can to make kids comfortable.

The fluoroscopy unit and waiting room are decorated specifically for pediatric patients with equipment that reduces radiation used on kids by 80 percent. That combined with the child friendly décor and amenities such as a TV/DVD system provide a more pleasant experience for kids.

The fluoroscopy machine was upgraded recently through a grant from the TMC Foundation. The technology now allows for digital pulse fluoroscopy, a digital fluoroscopy loop and dose monitoring system. The dose monitoring system records the level of radiation each child receives, providing physicians with better information upon which to make decisions. The unit boasts a team of specially trained radiological technologists, a child life specialist, diagnostic nurses and radiologists dedicated to the area every day.

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