Maxine Hale helped those impacted by Alzheimer’s maintain as much independence as possible

TMC Senior Services mourns the recent death of long-time volunteer Maxine Hale who died Aug. 10. L’Don Sawyer, our director of Senior Services, touched base with Jessie Pergrin, RN, PhD, with our Alzheimer’s & Related Dementia Project, and shared her thoughts on this talented and dedicated woman.

Maxine’s commitment to people was exemplified in her work on behalf of those coping with Alzheimer’s disease. Jessie first met Maxine in the mid-90s at a local Alzheimer’s Association support group. Her husband, John, would die of the disease within four years, and Maxine then spent the rest of her life helping others impacted by disease.

For seven years, she greeted callers and visitors at the Alzheimer’s Association, and worked to bring art to people with Alzheimer’s. Maxine then migrated over to TMC Senior Services, where she helped in the Alzheimer’s & Related Dementias Project.

Maxine spent 25 years in banking and retired as vice president from Home Federal Savings & Loan, where she was Southern Arizona’s first woman to serve in such a high-level role. This background contributed to her strong feelings about helping people maintain as much independence as possible. She had great expertise in reverse mortgages and was passionate about end-of-life wishes and advance directives. She led Getting Your Affairs in Order each month at Healthy Living Connections.

Maxine also volunteered with her church, and always was involved in the community, such as her work on the City of Tucson Block Grant Committee. To top it off, she was a wonderful painter. Below is an example of her work, a painting given to TMC Senior Services’ Anne Ciampa at her retirement party. 

Maxine was very smart, but often underestimated because of her small size and quiet nature. Behind the scenes, she had a quick wit and loved laughing. She will be missed by many, many people!

Maxine, on the right, with Anne Ciampa and L’Don Sawyer.

Anne Ciampa shows off the painting Maxine Hale gave her at her retirement party.

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