Preceptor Payne honored as Neuro RN hero

Sunday was Nurses Day and the Arizona Neuroscience Nurse Hero Recognition Program at the Arizona Diamondback game in Phoenix.During the game, the Arizona Nurses Association honored four neuroscience nurses from throughout the state, including TMC’s own Susie Payne, RN, CNRN, and her TMC “fans” were there to cheer her on!

Payne has been a TMC neuroscience staff nurse for 23 years and is a persistent advocate for patients. She is a preceptor and uses her own new grad preceptor as a role-model. It was this preceptor who encouraged her to bestow her critical thinking and common sense to nurses just starting their career.

Payne is active in volunteer hospital activities, including our annual Stroke Check, Heart Check and Brain Week. She is also an active participant in planning the community-wise Neuroscience Symposium.

Also recognized were neuroscience nurses from Banner Del Webb Medical Center, Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, and Scottsdale Healthcare Hospital Osborn.


  1. I work with Susie and she is fabulous! If anyone deserves this award, it’s Susie!
    Kathleen Hart, RN

  2. Renee G. Nieto-Gonzalez says:

    Kathleen, I agree with you she is the most deserving of it and more.Renee,PCT of Nuerology of TMC.

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