Catch it! Believe it! Live United!

Hundreds of people poured into McKale Center today to kick off the 2011-12 Together We Can Campaign and celebrate today’s United Way’s Days of Caring (Sept. 28/Oct. 1). TMC President and CEO Judy Rich is chair of this year’s United Way Campaign and encouraged attendees to Live United!

United Way’s Campaign theme is Together We Can: Catch It! Believe It! Live It!

“I am here to help you understand how to live it,” said Rich. “There are so many ways to be part of this movement. You have the heart, you have compassion, we know you care because you are here today. So, live it with me!”

“Why do I live it?” Rich asked the crowd. “Because I live in this community, I love this city and I care what happens to the people here. I am a nurse and, as a nurse, I have an extra dose of compassion because we see people when they are hurting, when they are the most vulnerable, when they are suffering. And, for the community, United Way can help meet many of those needs. Monies donated to the United Way Campaign go to agencies that use it well to provide services to the most vulnerable and needy in our community.”

Following the event, volunteers headed out into the community to work on community projects all over town, sent off with cheers and good wishes from everyone at McKale. The United Way Campaign begins today and continues into 2012.

“Catch it! Believe it! Live it!,” Rich said to cheers from the crowd.

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