Congeniality, celebratory atmosphere highlight TMC Medical Staff annual meeting

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On Wednesday night, more than 100 physicians, board members, executives and staff attended the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Tucson Medical Center Medical Staff.

With a congenial and celebratory atmosphere, physician colleagues enjoyed drinks and a buffet dinner, while discussing achievements of the prior year.

Chief of Staff Matthew Atlas was recognized for his two-year tenure, which comes to an end Dec. 31. His accomplishments included ushering in OneChart, TMC’s electronic medical record, as well as leadership to revamp the Professional Practice Committee, Peer Review and the physicians’ Code of Conduct.

Physician Awards
The highlight of the evening was announcing the annual physician awards. These awards were based on nominations by TMC staff members – the nurses, patient-care technicians, unit associates, case managers, transporters, phlebotomists, pharmacists and many, many others – who work with the physicians day in and day out.

The seven categories and winners of the awards are:
Experienced: “Tried/tested, proof, act of living through an event(s) with personal involvement, activity that includes training, observation of practice, and personal participation in an activity; knowledge of skills resulting from activity.”
Thomas Norton, 1st Place
Brian Cammarata, 2nd Place
J. Paul Yurkanin, 3rd Place

Patience: “The will or ability to wait or endure without complaint. Perseverance in performing a task with calmness and self control.” The nominee might have led a code blue or showed kindness when it would have been easier to become frustrated.
Mary (Gina) Connelly, 1st Place
David Teeple, 2nd Place
William Odette, 3rd Place

Good Communicator: “Giving or exchanging information, signals, or messages by talk, gestures, writing, etc. The art of expressing ideas.” The nominee communicates in such a way that everyone is able to understand the desired outcome. Someone who is approachable.
David Teeple, 1st Place
Forrester Johnson, 2nd Place
Moira Richards, 3rd Place

Attentive: “Observant, courteous and devoted.” These nominees value your opinion and ask for your insight. They will make time for the patients and families when they need to.
Kent Vincent, 1st Place
Brian Cammarata, 2nd Place
Sreelekha Susarla, 3rd Place

Truthful: “Loyalty, sincerity, genuine, honesty, quality of being in accordance with experience, facts, or reality.” These nominees are those you know are honest with patients and families. They do not try to avoid the difficult conversations that have to be said
Robert Aaronson, 1st Place
Soheila Nouri, 2nd Place (tie)
David Teeple, 2nd Place (tie)

Up-to-date/current: “At present time, contemporary, commonly used known or accepted terms of practices” These nominees are always explaining how they reached their conclusions. They are willing and able to explain the medicine behind the orders. They are electronically savvy and leaders in their field of medicine.
Brian Cammarata, 1st Place
Richard Ashley, 2nd Place
Clifford Martin, 3rd Place

Respect: “To feel or show honor or esteem, to hold in high regard, to consider, to show deference, considerate and courteous.” These nominees give respect to patients, families and clinical staff. They are someone to admire.
Clifford Martin, 1st Place
Guruprasad Raju, 2nd Place (tie)
Donna Fulton, 2nd Place (tie)

2012-13 Medical Executive Committee Election Results
Finally, the election results for members of the 2012-13 Medical Executive Committee are:
Chief of Staff: Michael Probstfeld, MD
Chief of Staff-Elect: J. Manuel Arreguin, MD
Anesthesia: Brian Cammarata, MD
Medicine: Steven Ketchel, MD
Cardiology: Lionel Faitelson, MD
Gastroenterology: Douglas Peterson
Hospitalist: William Odette, MD
Infectious Disease: Clifford Martin, MD
Nephrology: Paul Walshaw, MD
Neurology: David Teeple, MD
Pulmonology/Critical Care: Abhilash “Dr. Nair” Pochappan, MD
OB/Gyn: Gayle Dean, MD
Psychiatry: Eva McCullars, MD


  1. I want to thank Elizabeth Warren and the Professional Staff Office for the work they do in preparing the Annual Meeting for Medical Staff. It is a collegial happening with the fond farewells and thanks to the outgoing Chief of Staff and a kind welcoming to the Vice Chief into the lead position. Good spirited fun is the order of the evening and it has been a positive experience for many who were fortunate enough to be awarded one of the awards in a number of categories. I was pleased to be a part of it and VERY HONORED to tie with my esteemed colleague, Dr Raju for the category of respect. Cheers to all who made it possible!
    Congratulations, also, to all who have been elected into the Department Chairpersonhips. I wish you the best in your term.

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