TMC Hospice: We Honor Veterans Every Day

November 11 is the day set aside each year in our country to honor and remember the brave service men and women who have put their lives on the line to defend our country and our freedoms.

For the staff at TMC Hospice, though, any day can be a veteran’s day.

Mary Anne Burr was proud of her service as a flight nurse during World War II. Mary Anne, who was at Peppi’s House this past May, had cared for many wounded servicemen and cradled more than one in their final moments. In this photo, TMC Hospice staff gratefully acknowledges Mary Anne’s service.

This set of photos show Mary Anne during her service years.

TMC Hospice provides care for more than 225 U.S. veterans each year, and the need is only growing. The average age is 61 of the country’s more than 22.6 million veterans, more than half of whom served during wartime. Some 54,000 veterans are dying each month. The need for compassionate, evidenced-based end-of-life care will only grow for this population.This need is why TMC Hospice joined with national partners We Honor Veterans and the Hospice Veterans Partnership to better care for, reach out and honor veterans needing end-of-life care.

Hospice care needs to address veterans’ unique medical challenges that come with histories of wounds, frostbite and cold injuries, nuclear and chemical weapon exposure, mental health and substance abuse, and more.

These men and women are our warriors, trained by the military in a culture of stoicism. As a group, they under-report symptoms. They have trust issues. They have an inability to stop ‘fighting’ and allow a natural relationship with death.

In addition to easing veterans’ physical journey, this is last opportunity to ensure veterans know their service was not in vain, and that they are appreciated.

TMC Hospice is proud to have recently reached Level 2 with the We Honor Veterans program. The aim is to achieve Level 4 within the next two years.

Part of this effort means that TMC Hospice is working with different veteran organizations to make sure veterans know that they have a hospice benefit, and that, in fact, a majority of hospice care is provided by community-based facilities and not necessarily by the VA medical system.

Veterans and families sacrificed to serve our country. It is TMC Hospice’s great honor to serve our veterans in their time of need.

Learn more about We Honor Veterans at For more information on TMC Hospice or becoming a Veteran to Veteran volunteer, please call TMC Hospice, (520) 324-2438.

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