$3M Gift Launches Center for Dementia/Geropysch Care

Art Martin, Handmaker CEO, shares the site design and architectural renderings during the press conference.

Today we joined with Handmaker Jewish Services for the Aging to announce a major challenge grant that will launch an exceptional facility for dementia care. Both Handmaker and TMC are nonprofits with a long history of serving the community – and a long history of the community supporting them. Today’s announcement carries forward that history, but in the form of a new partnership.

 The Paul and Lydia Kalmanovitz Foundation of San Francisco awarded TMC and Handmaker a $3 million outstanding challenge grant to build a unique 40-bed health care facility. TMC will manage a 20-bed unit dedicated to geriatric psychiatric care. The other 20 beds will be focused on caring for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in a skilled nursing operated by Handmaker.

The new center will be on the Handmaker Campus, 2221 N. Rosemont Blvd.  Handmaker will raise $1.5 million to match the grant.  The partners are grateful to the Kalmanovitz Foundation for this amazing commitment to our community and to our elders. 

“As many as 16 million older adults will suffer from dementia by the year 2050, costing our health care system more than $172 billion annually. This is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed in our community,” said Judy Rich, TMC president and chief executive officer.  “On behalf of TMC, Handmaker, and all of the people who will benefit from this new facility in the years to come, I would like to thank the Kalmanovitz Foundation for their vision and generosity.”

“This grant will allow Handmaker to expand on the wide array of services we have offered to Tucson’s aging population for more than 47 years,” said Art Martin, CEO of Handmaker. “By partnering with our neighbors at TMC, we will create a facility that is truly unique and will address a critical community need.”


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