Peds room named for devoted employee for raising more than $30K, 50 cents at a time

Dorothy Lietha, second from left, with Peds staff in front of "her" room.

Dorothy Lietha has been donating her time  on behalf of TMC for Children for more than 35 years and it has added up to more than $30,000.

Not only is Dorothy been a vital member of the TMC family, first in Housekeeping and currently in Food Service, but she has been a major donor to Children’s Miracle Network since its inception.

For more than 25 years, in the months leading up to annual CMN events, Dorothy has sold bags of popcorn to TMC staff and visitors, donating all of the proceeds to CMN.

Her total popcorn sales, along with a few raffles, have brought in more than $30,000 for Tucson’s children. At 50 cents a bag, that’s more than a few pecks of popped corn.

In recognition of her dedication and philanthropy, Dorothy, fondly nicknamed

The plaque outside the Pediatric room honors Dorothy Lietha's commitment to the children of Southern Arizona.

“The Popcorn Kid” now has a room named in her honor in the newly built TMC for Children.

Her dedication to the children of Tucson, metered out bag by bag, shows that you don’t have to wealthy or powerful to be a philanthropist. Indeed, it’s the effort and the commitment of people like Dorothy who can remind us of the power of commitment and caring.


  1. This is a wonderful way to honor Dorothy. Congratulations Popcorn Kid!!!

  2. Your Minnesota cousins are very proud of you. May God bless you Dorothy .Keep up the good work. We’ve always known your heart is in the right place.

  3. WOW Dorthy this is really hear warming. Great job.

  4. Great going Dorothy. Keep up the good work. All your South Carolina family is rooting for you. Ray & Joanne Crawley

  5. Congratulations, Dorothy. Don and I are so pround of your dedication to the children at TMC. Keep the corn popping!

  6. Dorothy: Very proud of you the most careing Lietha of all. God Bless

  7. We can think of no one who deserves this more than Dorothy. Her continued commitment to the Children’s Miracle Network is a shining example for all of us. Congratulations, Dorothy!

  8. Ruth Lietha Carpenter says:

    So proud of you, Dorothy!!! Congratulations!!!
    from: Ruth Lietha Carpenter

  9. Donna Alu says:

    Congratulations, Dorothy! A well deserved honor!

  10. Great job sis! Love Pattie

  11. Mary Verplank says:

    Dorothy’s dedication to the children and families has always set a high standard for everyone in the hospital. She truly cares deeply about the well being and future of each child. They remain clearly in her heart as she gives her time effortlessly in their honor.

  12. Diana Bergen says:

    Thanks for your participation at our Lovelights events. We all look forward to your popcorn every year You rock!!!!! Diana Bergen – TMC Auxiliary.

  13. Dorothy, that is awesome. I have bought a few bags from you, myself! 🙂

  14. Terry and Karol Gabrielson says:

    Dorothy, what a terrific accomplishment! You are a very special, caring lady with a heart as big as your love for those children. We send you a big Texas hug and wish you continued success. Love from, Karol Lietha Gabrielson and family

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