TMC’s MRI Goggles Get Notice

The Arizona Daily Star published a story today about special goggles that Tucson Medical Center has had since early 2009 that make MRI procedures far more tolerable for kids and adults.

Lisa Morrison, the manager of TMC’s radiology department, said she ordered them shortly after they first came out in 2008, relying on assistance from the TMC Foundation for the purchase.

Patients can watch DVDs, tap into cable or listen to music while getting the MRI.

Patients have to remain still in order to obtain clear images – and that can be a problem for patients who are affected by the noise and the close quarters of the tube.

Morrison herself can attest to their effectiveness. She’s claustrophobic and typically has to have sedation to complete a test. On her last procedure, she watched a cooking show.

“It was a great diversion,” Morrison said.

“It’s been really helpful for the patients. We’ll try it before sedation and as long as it’s not a really long procedure, chances are it will work.”

To read more, here is the Star story…

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