TMC features Round Two of its Fab 50 Nurses

Tucson Medical Center is pleased to claim more than one-fourth of Tucson’s Fab 50 Nurses this year.

The Tucson Nurses Week Foundation celebrates each year with city-wide events honoring the community’s dedicated nursing professionals. The annual Showcase of Tucson Nurses Conference will open the event on Friday, May 11, followed by the Fab 50 Nurses Gala on May 12, at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort.

Every day, we will feature a few of the TMC nurses to be honored so check back to see the full cadre of award-winners.


  •     Janine Glaser, nursing practice

Glaser, who grew up in this community, came to TMC in 1976 right out of school. “I like helping people and I’m very curious,” she said. Glaser has always had a strong volunteer ethic as well, serving at her son’s school as a nurse while he was growing up and more recently, serving on the Coast Guard auxiliary. True, oceans are scarce in Arizona, but there are lakes, and her nursing skills come in handy to assist with everything from bee stings to scorpion bites and injuries. She also teaches CPR and first aid to other auxiliary members so they’re more prepared on the lake.

What her colleagues say: Glaser came upon a scene last year in which a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle. She got out of her car and performed CPR until the paramedics arrived. “She is not content to let others do while she watches.”

Her favorite part about nursing: “Helping people get through their crisis, being there to support them and provide education about why things are happening the way they are.”


  • Nancy Box, neurology

Box started at TMC in 1992, as her first job out of school. “I like people. I like helping them and feeling that I’ve contributed to their lives in some way,” Box said. She was immediately drawn to neurology, despite the hard reality that sometimes the answers are not always evident or available. She said it’s rewarding to see patients learn to overcome deficits and continue living their lives. “It’s a challenge, but it’s a good challenge and I think that’s why I like it.”

What her colleagues say: One physician called her “the most kind-hearted person I have ever met.” The doctor continued, “I trust her emphatically. She is the kind of nurse I would want to take care of one of my family members if they required hospitalization.”

Her favorite part about nursing: Watching patients get stronger and healthier.”


  • Matthew Daily, general vascular surgery

Daily came to TMC in 2008, with nursing a new career after years of doing customer relations for supermarket chains and opening hotels within big chains. Several influences triggered his second career. In his pre-nursing life, he was active in HIV/AIDS education and services. After his father passed away after a bout with bone cancer, Daily learned he liked being a caregiver.

What his colleagues say: “He provides high quality care with an amazing attitude, compassion, critical thinking skills, strong teamwork, intelligence, boundless energy and passion.”

His favorite part of nursing: “Helping people make healthy choices that will improve lives, strengthen health and elevate community awareness.”

The Nurses Week Foundation grants this award each year in honor of Cheryl McGaffic, Barbara Monroe and Robin Rogers, nursing professors who lost their lives in 2002. The award recognizes a member of the Tucson nursing community who demonstrates significant leadership, skill ability in being a role model, coach, motivator, advocate, teacher and visionary.


  1. Kathleen hart says:

    Nancy Box is a wonderful nurse and leader. She always has a kind word to say, a smile to give and a helping hand when needed. I’m proud to work with her.

  2. Kathleen hart says:

    Long before she became a CNL, Carolyn Bertschy precepted and mentored more new nurses than we could count! There is no one who knows policy and procedure better than Carolyn. She has excellent clinical skills and puts it all together with great organizational skills. I couldn’t even begin to count the committees and councils she’s served on. She’s an asset to unit 850 and TMC.

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