‘I Choose Community’ – One more example at TMC

TMC employees are being recognized internally for activities that support their organizational values (Dedication, Compassion, Integrity, Community). In recent weeks we have shared some of those stories, and here is the final installment celebrating employees who choose Community:

Pat Wise, HR coordinator, stepped out from behind the service desk at TMC HealthCare Human Resources a couple of years ago to work with a TMC team one Saturday afternoon at the Community Food Bank.

“That day I pushed products for boxing and wrapped pallets. I was really tired, but on my way home I felt really good knowing that I had just done something to help in the community. And I realized the workout was something my body needed.  I’ve continued to go every Saturday since then, because I know it’s helping someone in need,” she says.

“It humbles me each Saturday when I hear the speech from one of the ladies at the Food Bank as she tells volunteers, ‘Your being here is making a tremendous impact on the many people that are in need of food in Tucson and Southern Arizona. There are many people – especially children – that just don’t have enough to eat, so please when you help today and pack these boxes, be gentle and pack everything with a lot of love.’”


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