Best-selling Author Shares Vision for Healthy Aging with Tucson

Best-selling author Chris Crowley will be in Tucson later this month to share his vision for staving off aging through regular exercise, responsible eating and building community.

In addition to several speaking engagements April 23 through April 25, Crowley will lead a walk for adults over the age of 50 at the Meet Me at Maynards weekly event and will lead a group of older cyclists up Mt. Lemmon.

Crowley’s visit is sponsored by Rock the Ages, a free, web-based social network and virtual health club for people over 50 years old. The club, supported by Tucson Medical Center and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, is based on “Younger Next Year,” a New York Times best-seller written by Crowley and Henry Lodge, M.D.

The Rock the Ages website, which will launch to the public with Mr. Crowley’s visit, will offer articles on fitness and health and also will feature recipe sharing, an activity calendar, product discounts and buddy groups.

Crowley, nationally acclaimed for his entertaining and informative talks, will keep the following public schedule:

  • Monday, April 23, 5:45 p.m. Chris will lead a walk for 50 yr/old+ adults at Meet Me at Maynards
  • Tuesday, April 24, 8 a.m. Chris will lead a group of older cyclists 10 miles up Mt. Lemmon. Invitation only …
  • Tuesday, April 24, 6 p.m. Chris will speak at TMC/Marshall Auditorium

Go to to make your reservation. With limited seating, reserved seats will be held until 5:45 and then opened to the public.

Private speaking engagements at Canyon Ranch and the Pima County Medical Society are also planned, as is a private reception. Go to and click on “Crowley visit” to get more information about these events.

Dr. Steven Wool, the medical director of Rock the Ages and a local internist, gives the book to his patients and encourages them to exercise regularly and vigorously. “We have a great deal of control over the aging process. We just have to ‘exercise’ that control,” Dr. Wool said. “I look forward to spending time with Mr. Crowley and exchanging ideas that will benefit my patients.”

Rock the Ages was created by Jannie Cox and David Syverson, the founders of Meet Me at Maynards and Meet Me at La Encantada.

Cox says she is inspired by the RTA members who are making positive changes in their daily lives, “Our vision is thousands of Southern Arizonans living this book and feeling young and vibrant well into their 80s and beyond.”

For more information, please go to

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