KVOA Spreads Message about TMC fund for Celis Family

KVOA helped spread the word Monday about a special fund created by Tucson Medical Center to support the family of 6-year-old Isabel Mercedes Celis, who was found missing from her central city home on Saturday morning.
The little girl is the daughter of one of the hospital’s nurses and the entire Tucson Medical Center family is committed to supporting the search and the family, TMC’s Chief Development Officer Michael Duran explained in the interview.
The Isabel Mercedes Celis fund is available to the public as well as to TMC employees.
“Situations like these always create a sense of vulnerability and insecurity,” said TMC President and CEO Judy Rich in a statement. “And when the victim is part of our TMC family, it’s even more difficult.”
Anyone inclined to make a contribution to support the family in this difficult time are invited to visit https://www.tmcaz.com/TMCFoundation/HowYouCanHelp/GivingOnline.
Under “Gift Options” in the dropdown menu, please select the “Isabel Mercedes Celis Fund.”
We all fervently hope she soon will be returned to her family.
Here’s the link: http://www.kvoa.com/news/community-comes-together-to-help-find-isabel-celis/#!prettyPhoto/0/

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