TMC Staff Deeply Affected by Child Drownings

Child drowning clearly impacts parents and families and schools, but it also often profoundly affects the people who work to save little lives.

Kristi Tedesco of KVOA is running a series throughout the summer to raise awareness of child drowning prevention and told the story this week of how Tucson Medical Center staff has dealt with some of the tragic cases they have seen.

Emergency nurse Tammy Myers told of working on a child who looked just like a younger version of her own son. “Had the same hair, same eyes, same big round face. It made me sad,” Myers said in the interview.

“It’s really hard. You go home on those days and you hug your kid and hope you never have to deal with anything like that.”

One of the worst parts for Myers, a nurse for 23 years: Drowning doesn’t have to happen. “If the pool gate is locked, if there’s a fence around the pool, if someone had been paying attention, it’s totally preventable.”

Pediatric emergency Doctor Julie Klein teared up during the interview, saying about one-third of the near drowning cases she had encountered resulted in life-changing, long-lasting impacts.

It’s a powerful report. To see it, click here:!prettyPhoto/0/

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