Twinkle Toes and Foxtrots – TMC’s Chief Operations Officer Steps Out into the Limelight

By day Linda Wojtowicz is the Chief Operations Officer at TMC. By night? Ginger Rogers look out!

This Friday Linda will chassé and step out on the ballroom dance floor all in the name of diapers. Diapers? Yes, diapers. Linda is one of the stars of the annual Dancing with Our Stars fundraising event for The Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona.

Linda took some time out of her dance practice to answer our questions.

Have you been been secretly watching Dancing with the Stars for tips and strategy?

Well, I never saw it before. When I learned I would be dancing the foxtrot, I wanted to see what it looked like.  so I googled it and watched a program on YouTube. I then freaked out completely and never watched it again.

Wait, you’ve never really watched Dancing with the Stars? But you dance, right?

I have NEVER danced a step before, but I have been practicing like crazy and am totally into it. The lessons learned are that I can use right and left brain which is really really fun!

Whoa! So, it really is like Dancing with the Stars? Complete novices learning to dance with the professionals. Ok, let’s add a bit of healthy competition in here, out of your fellow contestants who are you most concerned is going to dance off with the win?

I am very concerned about Joseph Blair, the basketball player and his partner, who is very quick and goooood.

It takes gumption to get out there, but the cause is important. What is it about the Diaper Bank’s mission that resonates with you?

This is the first time I have been involved with Diaper Bank. I have heard lots of stories about elderly folks in need, but the stories about the kids in need really got to me. I think of my grandkids and think about what it would mean if they didn’t have this basic need met.

The Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona, the first diaper bank in the nation, addresses a gaping hole in the social safety net by providing diapers to old, disabled and young alike. Diapers aren’t covered by food stamps and there are few resources to support the most vulnerable among us and address this little talked about need. Over the past few years the need has grown and while the Diaper Bank distributes over 600,000 diapers and incontinence supplies, the requests total over 1.5 million.

Support Linda’s effort by donating to The Diaper Bank. Add “Stuff the Box for Linda Wojtowicz” on your check or credit card donation and help her take home the trophy! You can also join us at Dancing with Our Stars this Friday by purchasing a ticket here, or donate sealed packages of diapers and adult continence supplies, host a diaper drive or give to the Diaper Bank (donations of up to $200/individual can be applied to the working poor AZ tax credit.)

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