Copper Queen Community Hospital Groundbreaking for Emergency Department Expansion

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Copper Queen Community Hospital wants its community to know that for health care, the future is here: both in terms of when (now) and where (Bisbee).

After more than 10 years of renovating the rest of the Bisbee hospital and expanding two regional clinics, the Copper Queen administration and board broke ground for its outpatient services and emergency department expansion this week. Supporters came from throughout the state for this important step in rural health care.

The expansion of the emergency department includes adding a dedicated CT scanner, centrally locating the nurses’ station among the patient rooms and increasing space near the outpatient area for pharmacy and laboratory facilities. The expanded department will include nine treatment rooms — two dedicated to major medical patients, two for general treatment and exams, one for isolation and security purposes, and four private fast-track rooms.

The project will be completed in three phases, and is expected to take 18 months. The current Emergency Department will remain open during construction.

Copper Queen’s emergency and outpatient volume has grown dramatically in recent years, said Jim Dickson, administrator and CEO of the Copper Queen Community Hospital, noting that Copper Queen’s ED volume has grown to more than 617 visits per month or about 7,000 annually.

“We have focused on improving the patient experience in our emergency department and that has increased our volume. Plus, with telemedicine for cardiology, pulmonology, neurology and even pediatrics, members of our community can get specialist care right here.”

Copper Queen began planning for the development and funding of this project more than three years ago, said Dickson. “We have been renovating this hospital over the last 10 years and this is the next step,” said Dickson, noting that the ED received new equipment recently due to grant funding secured by the hospital’s former congresswoman, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

In addition to the ED/Outpatient expansion, the hospital will undergo extensive renovations to the main entrance, including a covered drop-off, a relocated and enlarged helipad, new front facade, covered walkways and landscaping.

Copper Queen Community Hospital is a 14-bed acute-care critical-access hospital offering a full range services. It is a Level IV Trauma Center and is considered among the top 5 percent of hospitals nationally for its innovative use of technology and access to specialty services through its telemedicine program.

“Tucson Medical Center applauds Copper Queen on its mission and commitment to serving its community,” said Julia Strange, TMC vice president of Community Benefit, who attended the groundbreaking. “These are difficult economic times across the state and projects like these help Arizona families by providing jobs and economic development well before the first patient comes through the front doors of the new facility.”

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