Pediatrician Honored with Guardian Angel Recognition

Hospital pediatrician Rodrigo Villar thought he was just being summoned to a staff meeting in the pediatric unit Thursday afternoon.

But the meeting was called in part to honor his recognition through TMC Foundation’s Guardian Angel program for his recent work with a family.

The program allows for donations of any size to be made in honor of a TMC physician, nurse or other caregiver who made a difference for a patient.

The donor wrote that Dr. Villar was not only respectful, knowledgeable and down to earth, but took the time to answer questions and even joked with her son.

“I am a fairly tough critic of health care services, yet I would choose TMC and Dr. Villar again if the need arose,” she wrote. “From housekeeping to respiratory therapy and everyone in between, the experience was top notch.”

Dr. Villar said he appreciated the honor.

“TMC for Children is here to take care of Southern Arizona’s children,” Dr. Villar said. “It’s a team effort that takes nurses, doctors and most importantly, children and their families.”

Bev Rusing, a nurse in clinical education, applauded Dr. Villar’s work, noting he collaborates, mentors and facilitates the work of the multi-disciplinary team at TMC for Children.

“He is not only compassionate in the care that he provides to our pediatric patients and their families, but he is committed to doing what is right for them.”

The honor is well-deserved, agreed Donna Morton, the director of development with TMC Foundation. “It’s often very difficult for parents or family members when a loved one is in need of immediate care. Compassionate, knowledgeable professionals can make all the difference in what could otherwise be a very stressful experience.”

For more information about the Guardian Angel donation program, call 324-5978 or log on to


  1. Claire Aragon says:

    Congratulations, Dr. Villar! You so deserve this award!

    • Anonymous says:

      An amazing award for an incredible man, brother, son, godfather, and uncle! (he is really good at the last one!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    So well deserve.! We see his constant dedication. We not only love him, we also admire him. Congratulations. Ljubica and Hugo Villar

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Villar is lovely to work with – makes one feel part of the team. Congratulations!

  4. My heartfelt congratulations to Rodrigo and his family. A very well-deserved award!

    We have very good memories of Rodrigo from the time when he did his elective in Chile.

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