TMC Employee Pushes To Meet Goals Through Running

To be clear, Dianna Desborough is not the type who leaps from a deep slumber raring to go at 5 a.m.

But if the application systems developer senior is decidedly not a morning person, she will still be getting up in the pre-dawn hours on July 8 to lace up her running shoes and “Run With the Roosters.”

Desborough said she’s just appreciative of the fact that she can run at all, having broken her back 21 years ago in an accident.

Run with the Roosters is a 5 mile run, but it will serve as an important gauge for the 13-mile, half-marathon she hopes to complete the weekend before her 40th birthday in November.

“There are the occasional times I get very exhilarated while running, and other times it might feel more like a chore,” said Desborough. “But then I put it in perspective. There are accomplishments that I want to get to.”

Desborough has only been running for about eight months, inspired by the book, “Born to Run,” which was recommended by a friend.

She had no way to know if she’d enjoy running. She had zero experience with running – no track in high school, no treadmill at the gym.

But, feeling like her current workout was not getting her anywhere, she decided to try it. And since her 5-year-old Australian shepherd mix, Lady, was out of shape, she took her along, too.

It was tiring at first, she conceded, but eventually, they both got stronger.

The two of them run a mile five days a week and she has incorporated running into her workout at the gym.

Desborough said she has lost a few pounds, but more importantly, she feels less pain from her old injury when she’s lighter.

Running has been part of a personal health journey that also included quitting smoking two years ago. She also runs up the stairs of the TMC parking garages.

She’ll be tacking on more miles now that the race is looming.

And she has a tip on how to get past the hard parts, following a friend’s advice.

“You just put one foot in front of the other. I repeat that when I start getting tired,” she said.

And she thinks of her goals.

“I can’t tell you how many times doctors told me I shouldn’t be walking, so I really just want to celebrate the fact that at 40 years old, I am able to be this physically active.”

If you’d like to join Desborough, she (and any roosters so inclined) will start at the Old Tucson Studios at 5 am. The course, closed to traffic, runs along Tucson Mountain Park. Walkers are welcome. For more information, please visit

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