National Healthcare IT Covers Innovative Care Model Embraced by TMC

Healthcare IT News ran a comprehensive story this week about Southern Arizona’s new accountable care organization and the key role information technology is playing in delivering better outcomes for patients.

The story about Arizona Connected Care and other ACOs around the country also traces the significant work, both technologically and culturally, that’s involved with gearing up for the new model of healthcare delivery.

Among those featured in the story include Michael Griffis, the lead chief information officer for Arizona Connected Care, and TMC’s Chief Information Officer Frank Marini.

The ACO program has only just begun. There’s a lot of work left to do, just to get things in place. But Griffis and Marini are optimistic, and they believe the effort will be worth it. “When we make this work, it will be highly relevant and replicable for other communities like ours,” Griffis says.

The story continues with Dr. Jeffrey Selwyn, an internist at New Pueblo Medicine and the president of the board for Arizona Connected Care.

Now, at age 65, when most doctors are thinking of retiring because of the pressures on them – one of which is EHR (electronic health record) adoption – Selwyn is far from retiring…He hopes to be an inspiration to other doctors, especially those who are resisting EHR adoption for fear it will load them with more work.

“I know their pain. I know what it’s like,” Selwyn said. “But if we can just gather data, we can help them work smarter, not harder.”

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