Swim Classes Pivotal Tool in Reducing Child Drowning; Low-Cost Slots Available

There’s nothing more fun for kids than splashing in the pool during these hot days of June. But we hope safety is paramount in parents’ minds and are thrilled that Safe Kids Tucson and the YMCA are stepping up to help provide swim lessons. This from our friends at TMC for Children:

The manager of patient care services at Tucson Medical Center’s emergency room knows all-too-well the tragedy that can strike when water and kids mix without the proper supervision.

That helps explain why her 7-year-old nephew is enrolled in swim classes for the third year in a row. “Our family feels that you can never take enough precautions since drowning is the No. 1 preventable death for children in the state of Arizona,” said Melissa Moreno.

Every time the weather gets warmer, there is a part of her that goes on alert. “It always brings back memories of drowning from the previous year and it gives you chills thinking about what’s to come ahead,” Moreno said.

Safe Kids Tucson, with Tucson Medical Center as its proud lead agency, is once again teaming up with the YMCA to provide low-cost swimming lessons for children over the summer.

Read more at low-cost swim lessons.

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