Water Week Works Wonders for Wee Ones

Just in time to counter the blistering summer heat, the pediatric therapy unit at Tucson Medical Center is taking a walk on the water side.

Little patients and their therapists typically aren’t found splashing in kiddie pools or sliding down a water slide, but that’s precisely what happens during Water Week.

“It’s another way for kids in participate in regular kid activities, while still working on important skills,” said therapist Charlene Fregosi.

The wet surface is a new way to work on balance, as is stepping in and out of an inflatable water ring, for example. Children can develop dexterity and fine motor skills by picking up pool toys or scooping up water in containers. It’s an opportunity for speech therapists to work on new words with the kiddos, or a chance for children with autism to practice new social skills by playing with other youngsters.

Importantly, it’s also a way for parents to see techniques they can use at home with their children to continue making gains.

“All kids love the water,” Fregosi said, adding that’s important because it helps boost motivation to work on important skills.

Xury Broyles, an executive assistant, watched as her 4-year-old son, Wyatt, wound up a motorized turtle and tossed it in the pool. “Water play gives kids an opportunity to be outside and an opportunity to interact with their therapists in new ways,” she said, adding it’s also a nice break. “It’s a summertime treat.”

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