Up We Go: Patient Comfort a Primary Focus for new TMC Orthopaedic and Surgical Tower

Even before the walls are built on the new four-story TMC Orthopaedic and Surgical Tower, Tucson Medical Center is taking measures to ensure patient comfort, safety and convenience.

In recent weeks, those measures included taking actual measurements by moving patient beds into the undeveloped space to make sure the wall controls are easily accessible.

As a result of an exercise that sought input from nurses and patient caregivers and other clinicians, the nurse call button was moved five inches to ensure optimal convenience for the patient.

Richard Prevallet, the vice president of facilities and construction, said this is a process that has been used effectively in recent redevelopments of the TMC for Children and the refurbished Mother-Baby unit.

“Architects start with a vision for the room, but it’s the people who are the closest in providing care to patients who can best provide valuable feedback about the functionality of the rooms,” he said.

Ultimately, when the tower is finished in spring 2013, each of the 40 private patient rooms on the fourth floor will provide many of the comforts of home, from warm tones to flat-screen televisions, built-in night lights and a sleeping area for concerned family members.

Every one of our private patient rooms will have a view of the city or the mountains because we believe abundant natural lighting and attractive scenery helps promote a healing environment.

As patients begin to heal and test their strength, hand guides will help them navigate around their room by helping to provide stability.

The rooms are set up to provide plenty of room for patients, visitors and clinical staff to maneuver by providing three distinct “zones.”

Aside from the patient area, a separate space for visitors allows them to settle into a comfortable chair or get some sleep without encroaching on the areas where clinical staff will perform examinations and other duties.

 “We have made a conscious decision from Day One to put our focus on the patient, because we understand that patients miss their homes and their familiar environment. Their comfort plays an important role in healing,” Prevallet said.

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