Up We Go: Preparation for New TMC Tower Has Its Ups and Downs

The new TMC Orthopaedic and Surgical Tower soars four stories into the air – something of a skyscraper by the standards of Tucson Medical Center, reputed for decades to be the nation’s largest one-story hospital.

With construction of the tower comes a novel concept for TMC:  elevators!

When the tower opens in the spring, six elevators will ensure efficient transport for patients, support staff and visitors.

Two elevators will be dedicated to the public, ensuring convenient access for incoming patients and visitors to surgery suites on the second and third floors, and patient care rooms on the fourth floor.

Two additional elevators will be exclusively used to transport patients undergoing surgical procedures or being discharged.  A medical emergency feature will ensure that patients needing immediate help will not have to wait.  With a push of a button, staff can instantly summon an elevator to any floor.

Finally, two service elevators will be available for support staff to transport supplies and equipment throughout the tower.

One question remains unanswered.  Will there be elevator music?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Would love to see pictures of the construction!

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