KVOA Report: We’re Looking for a Few Good Clowns

We’ve heard tell that all the world loves a clown.

And so it happened that news reporters from KVOA came to TMC for Children this week and captured Dr. Hocus and Nurse Pocus clowning around.

Dr. Hocus, otherwise known as John Coppin, has been volunteering at TMC for years, cheering up little patients and their siblings.

With a varied background that includes work as a professional magician, Coppin said he’d love to add to his Clown Posse – which currently includes Nurse Pocus (married to Dr. Hocus) and Dr. Smiles A Lot.

“All you have to do is be funny,” he said, adding he will give interested folks a little instruction in all things clown.

“If people have a talent that they think can be translated into being a hospital clown, it’s really pretty easy to get started, and we’d love to have the help.”

Why should folks dare to put on the nose? “My heart just swells every time I get a smile or a thank you. I’ve been doing magic and clowns and balloons for 30 years and I guess I’ve just never grown up.”

For those who think they can wear the big clown shoes, feel free to visit www.tmcaz.com to get started as a volunteer or call Coppin directly at 301-8787.

In  the interim, if you’d like to watch the KVOA report, check it out here.


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