Designated Skype Room: Miles Apart But Face to Face

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so it’s not surprising that Skype has become a valuable tool to vet prospective job candidates at Tucson Medical Center.

Although TMC has been using Skype for a little more than one year, there was never a dedicated space to use the technology. If multiple people wished to speak to a candidate, it required moving furniture around an office or huddling around a tight spot.

Now, however, with TMC’s Financial Services department settling in adjacent to Human Resources in the Palo Verde Building, staff made a point to ensure TMC would have a defined space for Skype, since it has evolved into an important piece of the recruitment process.

Several staff members can now sit comfortably around a conference table, while a large flat screen computer monitor mounted on the wall allows a clear view of the candidate.

“This technology does allow you to make connections that you just can’t make over the phone,” said recruitment manager Tiffany Rivera. “You can get a better sense of someone’s professionalism, for example, or how genuine a person might be.”

Rivera said it also allows a candidate to have a better introduction to people she or he may work alongside in the department.

With video interviews becoming more commonplace, Rivera said most job seekers have come to expect that a video interview may be a step in the process. But for those who are unfamiliar with the technology, human resources will send instructions and even send a camera through the mail, with the understanding it will come back.

The department also does a test run-through with candidates to make sure audio and visuals are working.

Judy Rich, the president and CEO of Tucson Medical Center, has used the new room and said she appreciated the process as a way to help get a feel for whether new recruits will be a good fit within the hospital. “It’s the next best thing to being there,” she said.

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