Up We Go: Plenty of Options for Parking, Despite Construction

Whether you are rushing to Tucson Medical Center for a loved one’s emergency, or just looking forward to seeing the new grandbaby – TMC is making it easier for you to find convenient parking.

Even with the campus in the midst of an extensive redevelopment and construction project, and with part of the Emergency parking lot unavailable, TMC has a number of solutions for patients and visitors:

  • Free valet parking – just pull up to the curbside booth at the Emergency Department, Northeast Entrance or TMC for Children and hand the keys to the attendant. When you are ready to leave, the attendant will dash off to quickly retrieve your vehicle.
  •  New parking garage – with 600 spaces directly across from the new TMC Orthopaedic and Surgical Tower, it’s just a short walk to the new clinics and the existing Emergency Department.
  •  Free shuttle service – Shuttle buses ferry visitors to any point on the expansive campus, including the TMC Hospice Peppi’s House to the west, Palo Verde Hospital on the north, or the Labor & Delivery or TMC for Children on the south side.  No matter which parking lot you choose, a shuttle will be arriving soon to take you where you need to go.
  •  Courtesy Cars & Surreys – for shorter trips outside and for getting around inside the building, the TMC Auxiliary offers electric-powered carts that provide efficient service, staffed by friendly volunteers.

“We understand that the construction zone might look disruptive, but we can assure our patients and visitors that they will be able navigate our campus relatively easily,” said William Fleming, director of Security and Transportation. 

“We always maintain access to our Emergency Department and Outpatient Services throughout the construction, and with our free valet, shuttle and parking services, we expect to keep the hassle to a minimum.”


  1. Mary Ann Ulichny says:

    Really!! Parking is easy and convenient in spite of construction. I don’t think so. Even the valet was unable to park my car because the exit lane was blocked by workers. A short walk, hah. It’s raining and pedestrians are just targets for all the other poor souls looking for parking. I’m sorry but my experiences at TMC have been less than tolerable and I opted to leave and not take the test for which I was scheduled. It just isn’t worth it.

  2. Tucson Medical Center says:

    Hi Mary Ann. We are incredibly sorry to hear about your experience and want to be the first to apologize for the trouble that you had. Our facilities crew has worked very hard to maintain a smooth traffic flow and parking during our construction and it is certainly disappointing to hear what you have described. Thank you though for taking the time to leave your comments, as it is helpful to get feedback that will allow us to improve. I will be letting our manager of patient relations know of your difficulties, as well as the facilities team.

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