‘I Choose Dedication:’ TMC Volunteers Donate Time Generously

Organizational values identified by TMC employees (Dedication, Compassion, Integrity, Community) are among the reasons people ‘Choose Well’ when they choose Tucson Medical Center.

TMC has launched an internal campaign to celebrate examples of those who demonstrate these values every day.  Here’s an example of those who “choose Dedication”


Hundreds of TMC volunteers embody the very spirit of dedication – working hard for the hospital, with no paycheck!  And representing them is the TMC Auxiliary Board, coordinating the indispensible services of the volunteer corps.

“I’ve been truly amazed at the dedication of the volunteers, the nurses and the doctors,” said Diane Bergen, Auxiliary president, with a decade of TMC volunteer service so far.  “They really care; they care about the patients and the patients’ families.  I’ve seen so many instances when they come over and put their arms around them.”

Jack Schwartz, Auxiliary parliamentarian, logs many volunteer hours at the busy Northeast Entrance.  “I love talking to people. We say hello to every single person who comes through that door.  We’re one of the first contacts people have with the hospital before they get to a regular employee.”

And Jack sustains that hospitality while driving patients and families around the campus in the outside surrey. “It takes a dedicated person to drive around all day in that heat. However, you’re not thinking about the heat, you’re thinking about trying to make some other person within TMC a little happier.”

Diane added, “The values that we have in ourselves come out in what we do for the hospital. That’s why I chose TMC – because of its dedication to the community and to the patients.”

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