‘I Choose Dedication:’ Patient Care is Non-Stop Obligation

Organizational values identified by TMC employees (Dedication, Compassion, Integrity, Community) are among the reasons people ‘Choose Well’ when they choose Tucson Medical Center.

TMC has launched an internal campaign to celebrate examples of those who demonstrate these values every day.  Here’s another example of those who “choose Dedication”


Julie Bolin

Radiology Tech Julie Bolin has dedicated the past six years to TMC Nuclear Medicine, where she and her colleagues take the extra steps to have the equipment ready, the schedule followed, and the patients as comfortable as possible.  Keeping the department running smoothly, and pursuing the best possible patient outcomes, can require some extra effort, she says.

“When you work in the Nuclear Medicine department, especially in a hospital, you may be on call 24 hours a day.  That’s OK, because you make a choice to work in health care, and you make a choice to do what’s in the best interest of the patient, and you make a choice to do the best you can under any circumstances. You have to put yourself in the mindset of that’s part of your job. We love what we do, so that’s part of what we are here for.  You choose to be dedicated.  You choose to do the right thing

“We provide service that we would be happy to have our family receive.”

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