Up We Go: Construction Milestones Keep Climbing

Many tons of mechanical equipment will be needed to support clinical activities in the TMC Orthopaedic and Surgical Tower, opening next spring.  Massive air handlers and electrical infrastructure will sustain the state-of-the-art facility.

And now, the major heavy machinery is all in place, above the top floor of the four-story structure. A huge crane recently hoisted the final payloads, including a 13,000-pound chiller that will enhance the critically important cooling system for the tower.

Also on the way up is the stonework on the building’s exterior. Natural stone will be a notable part of the new building’s appearance, and masonry craftsmen are creating the stone features of the edifice.

To make sure that everything would go smoothly, sample stonework was first installed on a small mock-up structure next to the main building.  The trial area allowed workers to test the stonework, windows and other surfaces to confirm their weather-proofing and esthetic characteristics.

All the elements will come together in the spring when the building opens with clinic space for Tucson Orthopaedic Institute, private rooms for TMC orthopaedic patients, and 24 high-tech operating rooms for TMC’s surgical procedures.

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