Hospitals Collaborate to Assess Community Needs

What are Tucson’s greatest health care needs?

To identify the answers to that question, Tucson Medical Center, Carondelet Health Network and The University of Arizona Health Network have worked together this year to create a Pima County Community Health Needs Assessment.  The results are jointly published for everyone to see as of Friday, Aug. 17.

The study identified the top health concern for Tucson as access to care – specifically, lack of insurance coverage, cuts in AHCCCS funding, limited coverage for behavioral health and lack of access to medications and funding for primary care.

Briefly the key areas that require our focus and collaboration as a community include:

  • overcoming barriers that inhibit access to care
  • providing more mental and behavioral health services
  • increasing education and activities to reduce obesity and diabetes
  • addressing shortages in primary care providers

Many other factors, including poverty, offer ample room for improvement in the county’s overall health status.  More information on the report is posted online at

This type of collaboration is essential in identifying the critical needs of our community and developing coordinated plans to address them. The Community Health Needs Assessment was completed as a joint effort among the three local hospitals, and now each organization will complete its own community benefit report and adopt separate implementation strategies to address those needs.  The three hospital systems also will work on a common issue that they can address together.

TMC HealthCare has issued its own Report to the Community each year describing TMC’s mission to meet community needs. Review the latest version at

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