Up We Go: Make a Virtual Visit to the New TMC Tower

You don’t have to have knee surgery to see what the new patient rooms will look like in the TMC Orthopaedic and Surgical Tower. And you don’t have to be a surgeon to explore the workings of the new high-tech operating rooms now under construction.

With just a quick click of the mouse, anyone can ‘tour’ the four-story building, which will be the first hospital center dedicated to orthopaedics in Southern Arizona.

Among the highlights of the new “Up We Go” virtual tour:
• Expansive operating rooms with ceiling mounted screens and equipment for 3-D imaging
• Inpatient rooms designed to accommodate patients, caregivers and family members without crowding
• Dedicated pediatric areas that are child-friendly and child-sized, with staff specially trained in pediatric procedures
• Environmentally sensitive features that help TMC conserve resources while providing 21st century care

“While this project is under construction, it would require hardhats and safety equipment to enter the facility, but thanks to our online capabilities, we can welcome the public to our new virtual tour right now,” said Julia Strange, vice president, Community Benefit.

“We are excited to share the news about all the new services this facility will allow us to provide to the people of Southern Arizona.”

Click on the Interactive Tour by taking the ‘Campus Redevelopment’ link at the TMC website, www.tmcaz.com.



  1. Anonymous says:

    The time-elapsed video on the progress of the tower is really cool!

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