Spotlight on Employee Service: Carl Lo

When Carl Lo started at TMC, he knew he wanted to be a long-term employee.  But he never imagined that 40 years later, he’d still be here.  He’s been in the same department he started in back in 1972, and is currently a supervisor in the microbiology laboratory section of the clinical laboratory.

“When you talk to him, you can tell he is very passionate about his job,” says Laboratory Manager Sanjay Timbadia.

What does Carl enjoy most about his job?  He doesn’t hesitate for a single second when he says, “the people.”  Some of his co-workers are also some of his closest friends.  Carl says the laboratory staff was actually bigger when he started, than it is now.  Perhaps the biggest change he’s seen is in the technology.  Carl recalls that when he started working here, a lot of the testing methods he’d use were manual methods.  Now, automated instruments have drastically reduced the amount of time it takes to get results.

“Results that may have taken us 24 to 48 hours in the past are now able to be generated in probably 5 to 12 hours time.  That’s a big difference in the amount of time it takes us to get the information the clinician needs in order to treat their patient.”  That’s what keeps Carl plugging away – knowing that he’s making a difference.

“I hope I can be here for the next 40 years,” he says with a smile.  Although he’s quick to add that realistically, it may be another 6 or 7 before he retires.  We appreciate your service, Carl!

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