Spotlight on Employee Service: Patti Kubista

Patti Kubista started getting a paycheck from TMC in 1972, but her work – and her memories – go back a few years before that when she spent time as a Candy Striper.  “The gift shop that I was doing candy striping at was very, very small – almost the size of a bathroom.  I remember coming in, and feeling very welcome.”  It’s that experience, she says, that made her realize what a family-oriented place TMC is.

“In a lot of the areas, there’s still a family connection in the hospital.”  Patti has worked in the IT department for the last 40 years, and credits her happiness to the fantastic people she’s been surrounded with.

“I think TMC recruits very talented people across the organization.  And because of that, it allowed me to stay here.  If I was unhappy, I would have left.”

Patti credits Falena Reed, her Information Systems Manager, with fostering a true team spirit in the IT department.  “She listens to us.  She knocks down barriers.  She really works as a manger for us.  And I’m not saying that because she’s my manager, and my evaluation is coming up pretty soon,” she jokes.  Patti notes that the entire team feels this way, and that strong leadership encourages cohesiveness.

The department is big on celebrating birthdays.  If you’re the one celebrating, you have to pose a question – either simple, or complex – that everyone has to answer.  Sometimes, the responses are pretty surprising – a team-building exercise that brings this bunch even closer together.

As a manager, Reed says Patti is a true gem, “I feel blessed that she’s on my team.  She’s an incredibly hard worker and she’s fun to work with.   She’s one of those people where you can give her an assignment and you know she is going to run with it, and see it until the end.  She is just incredible.  Patti, you can’t retire until I do, because I don’t want to do the job without you!”

TMC thanks you, Patti, for your years of service to the Southern Arizona community.

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