Spotlight on Employee Service: Vickie Nunez

When you’ve been working at TMC for 40 years, you have just about seen it all.  That’s the case for Vickie Nunez, an employee we’re honoring for her decades of service.  Vickie says no doubt, she has seen a lot of changes during her time here.  The one thing that stays consistent?  The incredible people she works with, and has the chance to meet.  People she has developed life-long friendships with. 

Vickie currently works in the vascular lab, performing urodynamic testing on patients.  She also has time in the intensive care unit, human dialysis, and utilization management under her belt.  With each responsibility, she says there’s an opportunity to impact people’s lives. 

“I’ve stayed at TMC because I feel like in a small way, I make a difference.  Whether it’s mentoring a new nurse, caring for a patient, or even just giving directions to a lost visitor, it makes you feel good to know that you’ve made a difference in your career,” Vickie says. 

Vascular lab manager Valerie Crain is always impressed with Vickie’s bedside manner, and follow-through.  “Vickie is very interested in taking care of the patient to every detail.  She does everything she can to make sure the patient is comfortable, that she gets a good result, and that she communicates that to the family and to the physician.” 

From all of us here at TMC, thank you, Vickie for your commitment to delivering the best care.  We appreciate it, your coworkers appreciate it, and your patients appreciate it!  Congratulations!

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