Spotlight on Employee Service: Donna Brewer

Donna Brewer will be the first one to tell you that her job isn’t glamorous.  But she’s been doing it…day in, and day out…for the past 40 years.  And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Donna started at TMC in 1972.  She currently works as a wound, ostomy, and continence nurse.  In fact, she was the first nurse to be board certified in the triple field back in 1981.

“I chose ostomy as a specialty because I saw in the unit that people were afraid of working with ostomy patients.  I don’t have an ostomy.  No one in my family has an ostomy.  But I saw what it meant to people to have somebody work with these patients.  I chose to go into this field instead of one that was a little more glamorous.  This is challenging.”

Urodynamics and wound care manager Valerie Crain has worked with Donna for a number of years and says Donna has a real gift of working with this patient population.  “Caring for the patient is her primary focus.  There isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for the patient.  She has been creative in solutions to different problems that we’ve had with patients who have ostomies.”

Donna’s day-to-day operations have changed quite a bit since she started.  “My ostomy supplies primarily came through the pharmacy department at that time.  But if I needed something special, I had to walk across the street to the old Danny’s Pharmacy, get special permission, pick up a pink slip, bring it back to pharmacy, and make sure it was okayed.”

Donna has worked in all of the units at TMC – and treated everyone from NICU babies to the elderly.  She calls her experience at TMC “rewarding” and loves that TMC is one level.  Donna, we hope your thoughts don’t change when the tower is completed next Spring!

Her kind heart is shown not only in the compassionate care she gives her patients, but also in the volunteer work she does with those in need, including ostomy patients and women who have Ovarian cancer.  Crain says, “She’s really well-known around here.  She’s like a TMC icon.  Everyone knows Donna Brewer.  And they rely on her advice.  She has a tendency to go above and beyond to take care of whatever that problem is.”

Thank you, Donna, for your 40 years of service to TMC, and Southern Arizona.

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