Spotlight on Employee Service: Janie Cook

“They say I’ve been here for 40 years, which is hard to believe since I’m only 39,” jokes Janie Cook on the kudos she’s receiving from her coworkers for her remarkable tenure here at TMC.

“She’s trained in a lot of areas, and has done a lot of things over the decades,” laughs Gilbert Romero, Pharmacy Director since 1981.  He adds, “Janie is part of a pharmacy family that has been around for decades.  We look forward to seeing each other.  We’ve seen her babies grow up into beautiful kids.”

Janie’s sparkling personality, combined with her experience and valuable pharmacy knowledge makes her a huge asset to the team.

What’s changed since she started here as an intern in 1972?  Lots.  At the time, she says, most medications were in vials, offering a 3 to 5 day supply.  As things evolved, so did her ability to counsel patients, and speak with physicians about a patient’s therapy.  Fast-forward a few more years, and Janie says she and have team now has even more interaction with physicians and other healthcare professionals.  Her responsibilities include monitoring drugs and drug levels, antibiotic levels, and therapy.

In a field that is always changing, Janie is big on continuing education classes.  Outside of work, she’s active in her church, and loves going out to nice dinners.  Janie says she’s looking forward to spending the next 40 years at TMC, and hollers with a smile, “time flies when you’re having fun!”


  1. Penny Erickson, Pediatrics says:

    Thanks for your hard work, Janie! You’re an inspiration to us all!!

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