Spotlight on Employee Service: Tina Aviles

“See you in a few minutes!”  It’s what Tina Aviles says to her coworkers at the end of every single workday in pre-anesthesia testing – her signature phrase that really means, “I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Yolanda Espinoza has known Tina for the past 20 years.  The two started working together in outpatient nursing.  Over her years at TMC, Tina also spent time in women’s services, surgery admissions, recovery, and was a senior unit clerk.  Her decades of experience makes her the go-to person in the department for workers who need guidance on a situation.

“She’s adored by a lot of people,” says Yolanda, who is quick to add that Tina’s great smile and quick wit puts patients at ease.

Outside of work, Tina holds the Arizona Wildcats near and dear to her heart – especially the Wildcat basketball team!  Another love?  Travel.  She says she’s been to half the world already.  And if you ask her what’s on her bucket list, she may tell you that she wants to travel the other half!  Tina, we hope you get the opportunity!

Congratulations on this incredible milestone you have reached.  We appreciate your 45 years of service to TMC, and thank you!

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