New Hyperbaric Chamber at TMC’s Wound Care Center

As diabetes continues to be on the rise, the need for comprehensive wound care also continues to grow in Tucson. In addition, the rising obesity epidemic and aging population will also contribute to the rising incidence of chronic wounds.

It was this obvious need that originally drove Tucson Medical Center to open an advanced wound care center in March of this year at its El Dorado Health Campus. When it opened, the 4,700 square-foot facility was equipped with two new hyperbaric chambers and five treatment rooms.

Since its opening, the center has experienced a flood of new patients and a rapid increase in procedures conducted.  In March the center completed 192 procedures, followed by 793 in July, and over 1056 in August.  As a result, the Wound Care Center is adding a third hyperbaric chamber to the facility.

Hyperbaric chambers help heal wounds by providing oxygen to the bloodstream and helping the patient heal from within.

What sets these chambers apart from others is their size.

“The reason why the size of a chamber is important is because a patient may spend as much as 2-2 ½ hours a day, five days a week, for six to eight week sessions in these enclosures. These chambers provide a comfort that is second to none and does not compare to smaller chambers,” explains Suzanne Pinon-Martinez, Program Director.

“The new chamber will allow TMC’s Wound Care Center to meet the increasing demand of this kind of treatment in the Southern Arizona community,” says TMC Chief Operations Officer Linda Wojtowicz.

In addition to hyperbaric treatments, the Wound Care Center also performs the employs the latest methods in skin substitute and debridement procedures.  It is one of more than 500 Healogics facilities staffed with highly trained physicians and clinicians who treat chronic wounds through a multidisciplinary approach and advanced treatments.

“We are truly on the breaking edge of wound care technology,” notes Pinon-Martinez.


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