New hybrid operating rooms will position TMC among surgical elite

No doubt, there is a lot of excitement about the new tower.  For Tucson Medical Center’s vascular surgeons, it’s not just the new digs that have them anticipating its completion.  It’s the state-of-the-art equipment inside two hybrid operating rooms that will instantly land Tucson among the best places in the country for vascular disease treatment.  Physicians at TMC will be able to treat patients more efficiently, effectively, and get them home quicker – all while cutting costs.

Dr. Matthew Namanny, Saguaro Surgical

Vascular Surgeon and Endovascular Specialist Dr. Matthew Namanny with Saguaro Surgical says minimally invasive techniques are used during surgery whenever possible.  Oftentimes, patients are able to go home the next day, rather than a lengthy stay in the hospital.  A hybrid operating room offers everything surgeons need to do this kind of procedure, but can also be transformed to a traditional operating room – in an instant.  “That in itself can be life saving because as surgeons, if something goes wrong during a minimally invasive procedure, we can immediately convert to an open procedure and repair the problem,” says Namanny. 

The new hybrid operating rooms

TMC currently has one hybrid operating room that is literally in use all day long.  In the new tower, there will be two hybrid operating rooms, which will translate to even better care.  Patients will be able to schedule their surgery at more convenient times.  The rooms will include the most innovative equipment on the market.

Dr. Luis Leon, Agave Surgical Associates

“With this new system, the sky is the limit,” says Vascular Surgeon Dr. Luis Leon with Agave Surgical Associates.  He says the extraordinary imaging the new equipment offers will allow surgeons to be incredibly precise.  “In a minimally invasive procedure, everything is done through a needle stick which gives us access to put in catheters.  Most of the time, surgeons are operating while looking at a screen.  You absolutely need good imaging in order to do this,” says Leon. 

“Basically we’ll be able to treat all aspects of vascular disease in these two rooms,” says Namanny. 

It’s not just the vascular surgeons who look forward to the new operating rooms.  A hybrid operating room also makes it possible to interweave specialties, giving a patient the most comprehensive care and best outcome in one setting.

As physicians continue to improve their skill sets, having top-of-the-line equipment will enable them to treat a wider range of people.  Additional hybrid rooms will allow surgeons to care for even the sickest patients.  As Namanny explains, “I can operate on people who are in their 80’s or 90’s whereas before, these people were not candidates for the surgery because the mortality risk was too high.” 

An added bonus: The superior technology will help recruit the best physicians to TMC.  Dr. Leon says the improvements will appeal to physicians from all over the country, and all over the world.  “This is going to be a huge attraction for the vascular industry.  They will have their eyes on our hospital.”


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