Did You Know? – Don’t Let Stress Get You Down

Did you know? That stress could be affecting your health, even if you don’t recognize it? The “fight or flight” reaction that stress often triggers keeps your body’s natural alarm system in full gear, releasing a surge of hormones, including adrenaline.

Left unchecked, stress could trigger high blood pressure, muscle tension, and depression, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

“Stress worsens your immune system, increases your blood pressure and makes you have a more rapid heart rate,” explained Dr. Matt Heinz, a hospitalist at Tucson Medical Center. “Anything that reduces stress is generally going to make you healthier.”

Some of the patios were designed with children in mind, from a train garden to sculpture. “Play is such an important part of healing,” said Melissa Weisphal, the manager of patient services in the pediatrics department. Designed to reflect the belief that the natural environment plays an important role in healing and reducing stress, Tucson Medical Center has 28 beautifully landscaped patios throughout the campus. Every patient room looks out upon a patio, and many of the spaces are themed to invite wildlife such as butterflies or hummingbirds.

It’s also a nice respite for employees.

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