Tackling Infection Prevention with the Cleaner!

Who leaps a mop and pail in a single bound?

Who hears the squeak of a squeegee across a crystal clear window from a mile away?

Who’s ultraviolet vision sees germs lurking in high touch nooks and crannies?

The Cleaner of course!

This week, me and the other members of the Infection Prevention League have been highlighting the many important things we all can do to prevent the spread of germs and keep our patients and community infection free.

As the Cleaner, my mission is to rid the environment of all harmful germs and help stop the spread of infection.

At TMC, we’ve made cleaning a science by using CDC guidelines and monitoring tools.

  • We have identified the surfaces that are frequently touched by hands (we call these high touch items) and made sure that these are a major focus of our cleaning efforts
  • Our Environmental Services Department has training programs that certify the staff to clean in a hospital environment
  • We monitor cleaning using direct observations and fluorescent oil and ultraviolet lights to check on thoroughness of cleaning
  • We clean all of our bathrooms with dilute bleach to stop the spread of fecal germs

Every employee has the power to rid the hospital of germs….whether it be to wipe down that phone in the hall or to disinfect a piece of equipment used for patient care…cleaning is a big part of protecting all who come to TMC.

To find out more about infection control at TMC, you can reach out to our specialists with your questions at infection.control@tmcaz.com.  If you haven’t already, read the previous TMC Infection Prevention League posts from this week and meet all of our members.

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