New CT boosts TMC’s array of imaging options

Tucson Medical Center has greatly increased its imaging capabilities by adding a second suite for advanced Computerized Tomography (CT) scanning. TMC has replaced one older scanner, and now provides two 64-slice CT units offering precise, detailed representations of organs and blood vessels.

Fully installed and tested at the end of October, the new unit is called a 64-slice CT because it uses 64 detectors to produce and combine images. The Siemens Definition 64-slice unit offers a refined set of features:

  • Dose adjustment and reduction for pediatric or adult populations
  • Larger gantry for bariatric patients
  • Faster reconstruction times
  • Perfusion package to aid ‘Neuro-Red’ suspected stroke cases

The technology provides up to 64 slices per rotation with previously unknown sharpness and diagnostic detail. The imaging information is instantaneously available for physicians for a fast and reliable diagnosis.

TMC’s original 64-slice CT scanner remains in service and continuously busy down the hall, with both units now able to handle scheduled and emergent imaging cases.



  2. I just had to comment to say how much it meant to me that the older lady who did my CT scan & inserted the needle made me feel so comfortable & calm! She was honestly THE BEST as there was no sign any bruising or pain! I have always been freaked out by that, & it meant alot to me. A big thumbs up for the team there at TMC!

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