Mission Accomplished! TMC Foundation grateful for those who supported pediatric capital campaign

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The TMC Foundation is proud to announce the completion of the Block by Block, Miracles Happen pediatric capital campaign.  The campaign started in 2010 to raise $12.5 million for the renovation and expansion of TMC’s pediatric wing.

Today, TMC for Children is a beautiful 21st century unit with 44 all-private rooms.  Construction and renovation were completed in July of 2011, enhancing TMC’s ability to provide outstanding care for the region’s 250,000 children.

At the annual “Pediatric Progress Report,” the TMC Foundation announced the campaign has been completed.  “We want to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed,” said TMC VP & Chief Development Officer, Michael Duran.  “We feel fortunate to have the support of those who share our passion of delivering only the best care to TMC children.  Our staff is able to provide that to them in a child-friendly environment that was made possible through our donors’ support.”

The focus of the evening was on TMC’s Pediatric Outpatient Therapy.  Terry and Susie Matsunaga gave a presentation about their son Kevin who was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at age 12.  It was through family focus, dedication, unwavering support, and TMC Pediatric Outpatient Therapy that Kevin was able to graduate from high school, and be accepted to the University of Arizona.

TMC Foundation donors Tom and Linda Grissom were touched by the Matsunaga family’s story, and say they are proud to support the good work TMC does.  “I’m so impressed with not only what they do for babies, but older kids as well.   The sense of fulfillment we get from being a part of this is phenomenal,” says Linda.  Tom says, “ I continue to be impressed by the number of resources available to people in this community from TMC, and all the work TMC does to make people aware these resources exist.”

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