Get up to 60lbs of produce participating in Market on the Move

This Saturday Dec. 29, Tucson Medical Center will host its first Market on the Move (MOM) event. MOM, started by the non-profit organization The 3000 Club, provides fresh produce in a farmer’s market style model to communities throughout the metropolitan Tucson and Phoenix areas.  Attend the Market on the Move event here TMC’s campus in lot 11 from 8 – 11 am, and make a $10 donation to receive up to 60 lbs. of fresh produce.

With programs sucmedium_3063731135h as MOM, The 3000 Club rescues approximately 30 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables every year.  This fresh produce assists in providing over 23 million meals and helping more than 460,000 families in Southern-Arizona, while also being able to provide fresh produce to more than 300 food banks and various agencies, not only in Arizona, but throughout the United States.

Programs such as MOM are extremely important, in addition to educating the public to increase their fruit and vegetable consumption.  More Matters, a national public health initiative that has taken the place of the traditional 5 a Day program, provides new guidelines and recommendations about an individual’s required fruit and vegetable needs. Visit their website here to find out more information about the Fill-Half-Your-Plate Concept, which details sectioning off half of your plate for fruits and vegetables as an easy way to understand the More Matters recommendation.

TMC remains committed to promoting healthy lifestyle choices through community education and prevention measures such as regular fitness and proper nutrition initiatives like Market on the Move.

TMC is also interested making use of local produce for sustainability and nutritional benefits with hopes to move further in this direction by becoming a Bountiful Baskets drop off location in the upcoming year, as well as continuing to do farmer’s market events.

Read more about the 3000 Club by visiting their website here, and about More Matters here, for the new fruit and vegetable consumption guidelines.

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