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Without a doubt, the amount of medical information on the internet can be mind-blowing.  Whether it’s learning more about a disease you or a loved one were recently diagnosed with, or trying to figure out what your symptoms mean, a simple web search can lead you down a frightening, confusing road to information overload.      

healthwise picAt Tucson Medical Center, we know how important it is to have credible health information at your fingertips.  That’s why we make the Healthwise knowledgebase available to you.  Healthwise is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people make better health decisions.  They believe that combining medical information with information about yourself will help you come to better health decisions.

The Healthwise site is easily accessible.  From the homepage of, click on “Health Encyclopedia” under the main banner you see.  Click here to be linked to it from this story.  

While we take a broad approach to our education efforts, we also pinpoint areas where the public needs help getting the message.  This is especially true with chest pain, and what could be the beginning signs of a heart attack.  “Sometimes we have patients who come in complaining that they’ve had chest pain for the last six hours.  We’ve had patients who have chest pain for days, sometimes up to a week – before they come to the hospital.  We’d like to see them in here within the first hour.  The longer they wait, the more heart muscle they lose.  When they lose heart muscle, they lose heart function,” said Julie Ward, RN, TMC’s Chest Pain Coordinator. 

As a cardiovascular center of excellence, we are committed to getting the word out about Early Heart Attack Care (EHAC) developed by the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care.  “It’s really important that people learn EHAC, and be able to identify the symptoms of a heart attack for themselves, or someone around them,” said Ward.  “We can’t forget children.  It’s crucial to educate them as well so they know what to look for, and how to access early medical care before someone has a big heart attack and a significant loss of heart muscle.”

With heart disease claiming more lives than any other disease, we also actively encourage people to learn more about their heart disease risk.

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