Tips to keep you ahead on your next bike ride

24 hr course 2David Lammers, a registered nurse in the Emergency Department at Tucson Medical Center, sat down with the Communications Team to share how he gets prepared for an endurance activity such as the Epic Rides 24 Hour Old Pueblo Race – which kicks off tomorrow Feb. 16.

TMC is the feature sponsor of the event this year, partnering with Epic Rides and Moots to give away over $4000 in titanium bike parts. Lammers is on one of a couple of TMC teams that are participating in the 24 Hour Old Pueblo Race this year.

This race is attended by everyone from the novice recreational rider, all the way to seasoned pros. Lammers considers himself an intermediate rider that just enjoys the challenge, but he recognizes the importance of being prepared when hitting the mountain biking trail.

“When I go out on the trail, I try to be appropriately prepared overall. There are so many things to consider and that can happen such as broken chains, flat tires and crash injuries. You want to be ready to handle these things,” said David.

Some of the items he never goes out on the trail without are:

  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Tape
  • Tire levers
  • Tweezers
  • Tube patches/extra tube
  • CO2 canister
  • Shock Pump
  • Bike pump
  • Chain lube
  • Helmet
  • Plenty of water
  • Gloves
  • Seat padding

In addition to preparing for things like broken chains and flat tires, one should also be ready for the physical stressors that an endurance race may present. For example, sleep deprivation is of concern, especially with a 24 hour race like the Old Pueblo.

“It’s very important to properly manage your sleep schedule before and during an endurance activity. Mental motivation can be greatly affected by poor sleep patterns, and it’s said that sleep deprived people have the same reaction time of someone who is under the influence,” said David.

Don’t risk injuring yourself and potentially other riders, or have sluggish and slower reaction and ride times due to lack of sleep.

The 24 hour Race in the Old Pueblo is a self supported race so be sure to take all of these preparations in to consideration, and of course, have an amazing ride!

Click here for more information on Epic Rides.

Click here to register for the Moots titanium bike part giveaway.


  1. Good list but why didn’t it mention 1st Aid items?

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