New program helps domestic violence survivors find stable housing

emergeTucson Medical Center CEO Judy Rich serves on the board for Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse, and is excited to share that Emerge! has launched a new Housing First program – three months ahead of schedule.  The program will help domestic violence survivors find housing, a big step in achieving stability in their lives, but a step that is difficult for many who lack financial resources or support.

A recent story by KVOA News 4 Tucson about the program has generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm about the project.

“Emerge! strives to stay ahead of the curve, and focuses on looking into the future to identify potential trends.  This will allow us to research, plan and develop programs,” Emerge! CEO Sarah Jones said.  “As it turns out, we are one of a few places in the state doing rapid re-housing.  This includes service providers for the homeless.  This is resulting in some additional funding for Emerge!” 

The program recently accepted $96,000 from the City of Tucson.  “They had some one-time money for housing first and we are the only agency (outside of the Red Cross) with a full program up and running eligible in the city,” said Jones.  Emerge! has a year and a half to spend it. 

For more information on Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse, please click here.


  1. Eve Knott says:

    I have tried to get housing for my months now. Been to Emerge many times. They haven’t done anything to help. Me. I’m just out if a sixteen year very violent relationship. I just started working. Me and my son are homeless. I’ve went to our family. For housing. Section 8. On waiting list for two years. So, thanks a lot! I’ve now been waiting for our family emergency housing for four months. And I get told they may never call me? You all suck! Someone has to die before they get help. Ss

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